BitBox USA Receives 2019 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award

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Nashville, TN – August 13, 2019 – BitBox USA, LLC, providers of BitBox IoT PaaS platform for multi-site, distributed facilities’ operational intelligence, announced today that BitBox IoT Platform has received a 2019 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award from IoT Evolution World, the leading Web site covering IoT technologies.

“We are honored to have BitBox IoT Platform among the winners of 2019 IoT Evolution Product of the Year. The demand for a deeper dive into data mining from the entire enterprise ecosystem of connected systems and micro-service analytics driven by AI via IoT connectivity of building infrastructure has never been greater.  The BitBox platform meets the challenges of data-driven decision making within Edge infrastructure and distributed facilities with a platform that simplifies the data aggregation processes of disjointed infrastructure,” said Mike Skurla, Director of Product Strategy at BitBox USA LLC.

The BitBox platform is the market’s most cost-effective, simple to install and deploy, hardware agnostic and secure IoT platform to collect, organize and deliver distributed data sets from critical infrastructure. The platform’s BitBox Edge Appliance easily installs in any facility or Edge location. Its intuitive and secure BitEngine cloud portal sorts and stores all the collected data from around the globe, while BitAPI offers authorization-based access to the enterprise data collection in a single documented API for web-based, micro-services analytics and AI. 

“The solutions selected for the IoT Evolution Product of Year Award reflect the diverse range of innovation driving the multi-billion-dollar IoT market today. It is my honor to congratulate BitBox USA for their innovative work and superior contribution to the rapidly evolving IoT industry,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, a co-publisher of IoT Evolution.

“It is my pleasure to recognize BitBox IoT Platform, an innovative solution that earned BitBox the 2019 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award,” said Ken Briodagh, Editorial Director for IoT Evolution World. “I look forward to seeing even more innovation from BitBox in the future.”

About BitBox USA, LLC.

The BitBox platform is the market’s most cost-effective, simple to install and deploy, hardware agnostic and secure IoT platform to collect, organize and deliver distributed IoT data to allow remote monitoring and management of critical infrastructure on a scale. The platform removes the complexity of vast Edge facility portfolio management while enabling data-driven decisions to limit the operational expense of distributed infrastructure.  The BitBox Platform is applicable and deployed across multi-site commercial property firms, retail and quick service restaurants, industrial, healthcare, oil and gas, edge data centers and colo facilities.  Founded in 2015, BitBox USA is headquartered in Nashville, TN with offices in Raleigh (NC), Mountain View (CA), and Chicago (IL).  For more information visit and Follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Media Contact

Mike Skurla
Director of Product Strategy, BitBox USA, LLC

S.E.C. specializes in the critical automation required in nationwide facilities rollouts. With a specialty in national QSR and small foot-print retail, S.E.C in-store solutions allow for commission free installation of critical control and safety equipment, while also allowing for simple operation for in-store staff.

S.E.C. focuses on affordable building solutions that:
• Cut energy consumption costs
• Simplify day to day business operations
• Lower startup costs for future growth
• Provide consistency with their customers
• Ensure a safe environment for employees
• Protect property and equipment from fire

S.E.C. solutions can easily be enabled to work with the BitBox Platform for remote monitoring, portfolio analytics, and remote operation for hundreds or thousands of locations.

DENT Instruments is an industry-leading manufacturer of recording power meters, submeters, dataloggers, and a wide variety of compatible Current Transformers, including flexible Rogowski coil CTs. For over 30 years, DENT has built a reputation for providing energy measurement tools of the highest quality whose robust design, reliability, and value make them the products of choice by energy professionals worldwide.

DENT power solutions integrate with ease in the BitBox Platform.


Interested in partnering with BitBox?
We would love to have you!

Axis enables a smarter and safer world by creating network solutions to improve security and find new ways of doing business.

Video surveillance solutions

Axis offers a wide range of network video surveillance solutions including cameras and encoders, VMS and recorders, analytics, and applications. Our IP-based portfolio ensures scalability and simplifies integration.

Access control 

We provide open, scalable, and flexible access control solutions that integrate seamlessly with other systems.

Audio solutions

Explore our complete, high-quality audio solutions to improve security, make live or scheduled announcements, or create ambiance with great-sounding background music.

The BitBox PaaS tightly integrates with all Axis Solutions. 

ServersCheck is a simple, plug & play, resilient, and modular solution to monitor edge infrastructure and other critical facilities. ServersCheck offers a complete line of sensing technologies for Edge facilities, telecom cell sites, data center floors, containerized solutions, electrical power plant substations, and commercial buildings. Our cost-conscious sensing platform uses a simple-to-wire CAT5/6 wire plant for data and power, allowing sensors to be daisy-chained in any facility.

Sensors are modular by design, and ServersCheck has over 35 different sensing modules available including, but not limited to:

  • Temperature, humidity,  airflow, pressure, dust, and air quality
  • Power monitoring and quality
  • Sound and Noise
  • Water & Fuel Leak
  • Hydrogen
  • Light Level & Smoke detection
  • Motion Detection
The ServersCheck Base Unit offers native communication with any BitBox for simplicity of remote site monitoring and management.

Google Cloud IoT is a complete set of tools to connect, process, store, and analyze datasets.

Gain real-time business insights from globally-dispersed devices—at the edge or in the cloud—with a comprehensive toolset geared to IoT. Tools included in the platform, like Google BigQuery, allow for ad hoc analysis, while the Cloud Machine Learning engine offers advanced analytics. You can also visualize results with rich reports and dashboards in Google Data Studio. Custom data-driven applications can also be built on The Google Cloud Platform (GCP), using the suite of platform tools including Google app-engines.

The BitAPI offers native connectivity to the Google Cloud Platform through GRPC or REST. Additionally, entire BitEngine datasets can be stored in GCP on demand.

IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Management

Through business analytics, critical alerts, and automated process capabilities, TRIRIGA can increase visibility, control, and automation of your real estate management, capital projects, space management, facility maintenance, and energy management needs.

Finance, accounting, and property executives can make more informed decisions about portfolios of properties. This insight into analytics allows for increased value to their organizations through identification of high-return real estate transactions, increased facilities utilization, and reduced energy expenses.

Outcomes driven by BitBox-fed data commonly include: improved facility space utilization, reduced energy spend, streamlined facility operations, and optimized lease insight.

IBM TRIRIGA includes a host of features for properties to improve performance including: Real estate / Facility management, space utilization analytics, environmental and energy management, automated workflow, and virtualized facility assets, spaces, and resources.

Learn more about IBM TRIRIGA

DGLux helps integrators, designers, and building technology manufacturers create data-driven web applications, with a focus on customization to analyze, monitor, and control building data and analytics in a single, unified display. A data-driven, graphical engine allows for the customized deployment of mobile, desktop, cloud, or HMI display metrics, with powerful real-time features such as run-time charting, mapping, user interaction, a powerful dataflow logic engine, and a refined user access capability. DGLux enables end user operators to interact with data within their role with ease.

DGLux offers native integration with the BitAPI to enable this powerful graphical driven toolset. Full, white-labeled applications can be developed and custom tailored to any product or application need. 

DGLux also offers professional UX design services for customers, allowing for a refined user interaction experience and stunning visualization of data for applications.

Learn more about the DGLux data-driven UX family of products.

BuildingOS® by Lucid is the leading building energy management and analytics platform. It uncovers savings and improves performance in the world’s leading commercial building portfolios.

BuildingOS makes it easier—and faster—to transform building operations data into performance improvements that save money, enhance sustainability, and drive employee productivity through:

  • data-driven energy management decisions
  • occupant engagement and stakeholder communications
  • a single visualization platform for all your energy data
  •  work order and asset management for commercial infrastructure
Learn more about how the BitBox PaaS can enable BuildingOS.

Fred Dirla

Chief Strategy Officer

Fred Dirla is a motivational team leader who drives collaboration across executive teams to create sustainable growth.

As the Chief Strategy Officer at BitBox USA, Fred is responsible for working closely with the CEO to develop, communicate, and execute strategic initiatives. His personal mantra for success is, “People, Process, Tools,” which allows him to focus on building teams through improved communication and individual effort.

Prior to BitBox, Fred worked in executive roles as the CEO of FieldView Solutions, COO of Nlyte Software, COO of Energy Options, and General Manager for the Utilities division of Enron. This experience allowed Fred to develop on-the-ground management experience with facilities, building automation, electrical contracting, general contracting, engineering, data centers, and software development.

Luke Dalske

Vice President of BitBox Deployment & Integration

Luke Dalske is the Vice President of BitBox Deployment & Integration. He oversees deployment and integration of the BitBox monitoring platform, which simplifies the deployment, integration, monitoring, and maintenance of distributed infrastructure from the core to the edge. He has over 15 years of power monitoring, generator control systems, PLC, and SCADA experience. Prior to joining BitBox USA, Dalske spent nine years with Schneider Electric in its professional services division where he led sales engineering, data center systems design, and implementation.

Mike Skurla

Director of Product Strategy

Mike Skurla has staked his claim at the nexus of software, hardware, and analytics.  With more than 22 years’ experience in control automation and IoT product design with fortune 500 companies, Skurla rigorously pursues outcome-based analytics for mission-critical industries  such as retail, healthcare, and data center infrastructure management (DCIM).
As a contributor to various industry publications, Skurla’s articles have appeared in Critical Facilities, LD+A, and USGBC.  He is a contributing member of ASHRAE, IES Education, and USGBC and a frequent lecturer on the evolving use of analytics and emerging IT technologies to foster efficiency within commercial facility design.

Jon Trout

Founder and CEO

Jon Trout is a technology executive with proven leadership abilities of both technical and business teams.

Throughout his civilian and military career, Jon has been recognized for his effectiveness  at translating business requirements into strategic, actionable direction for multi-site teams.

Before co-founding BitBox USA, Jon was the VP of Engineering & Production for TrendPoint–a Schneider Electric subsidiary. In this role, Jon led a staff of 12 in the Technology, Production, Procurement, and Engineering Departments with the goals of defining technology vision, crafting sales messages, and establishing an ISO certified manufacturing process. Under Jon’s leadership, his team established the EnerSure power metering platform, used pervasively in top data facilities around the world.

In 2015, Jon sought a new challenge in the emerging concept of Edge Data Centers. He co-founded BitBox USA to aggressively develop and deploy industrial software solutions to manage these critical facilities. Jon’s vision paid off as the Edge market has grown substantially – leading to the acquisition of BitBox USA by Compass Data Centers in 2017.

Prior to civilian roles, Jon served as a Research & Development Technician in the U.S. Navy where he designed and developed a naval Command and Control system still in use today. He was also a Combat Systems Electronics Manager, accountable for the preventative maintenance program for external communications and data exchange processing systems.

During his 6 years in the Navy, Jon earned several awards, among them a Navy-Marine Corps Achievement Medal (2 Awards), a Global War on Terrorism Campaign Medal and a Navy-Marine Corps Commendation Medal.

Jon has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance and has authored several articles in industry-leading publications on the topics of engineering scalable and cost-effective metering.